I made a playsuit and I’m ready to play…

Yes, it’s been a while. I have been making but not writing and not photographing!


This is my latest, By Hand London Holly. There was so much to love about the pattern when it was released:

  • 1 piece (so you don’t have do decide on a matching top for your bottom)
  • Button front (to feed a ravenous baby on-the-go)
  • And it’s fricken shorts! (so certain fat thighs don’t rub together in the ridiculousness that is summer in Brisbane)

Winner winner chicken dinner!

I made the size 10 top, graduating down to a 14 hip.  The BHL Ladies did a wonderful sewalong with great tutorials on pattern alteration. I really should have done the “fat arse alteration” but decided that I was too lazy  the fabric I was using had a lot of stretch in it so didn’t need it.  It’s just a little uncomfortable in the crotch area, no camel toe but no comfy pjs either. If aforementioned ravenous baby keeps up the all night, all you can eat milk buffet, the fat arse might just sort itself out.


I added the pockets from my Cambie dress onto the shorts. I have 2 little boys. I need pockets for carrying all manner of racing cars, tissues, chocolate bribes, a piece of a toy that boy 1 has stolen souveniered from kindy, random “special” rocks that we found at the creek. All at the same time.


I’m not sure I could pull off the cowl neck variation of the pattern, even though my mum brought back some fabulous silk from Sri Lanka that would suit it perfectly.  She’s a keeper. I’ll definitely make another playsuit in a plainer fabric and perhaps some of the wide leg trousers for work.


Thanks BHL for another fab pattern.  I really will have to get around to blogging about the 3 Victoria blazers that I made!


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