(This has driven me) Mad Men Challenge Dress

I haven’t posted anything in a while.  I was making something WAY better than a new frock:


This little guy!  He was born on Saturday 25 January just before sunrise.

I sewed a few maternity things but they were either so boring or so ugly that I’m fairly sure you don’t want to see them.

What better way to get my Sewjo back than the third Mad Men Challenge over at Julia Bobbin.  Well, this just about killed me.

As much as I love my Mad Men Challenge 2 dress, I have only worn it a couple of times as it’s so dressy.  This time I wanted something that I might actually wear and create a dress that I could still feed a ravenous baby in.  More on that later..  I attempted this Betty Draper dress and cute Bobby Draper outfit from season 3:


This is one of Betty’s few maternity dresses that doesn’t look like a sack.


I started with Colette’s Peony.  After some success with other Colette patterns, thought this one would be fine. I made a muslin based on my envelope size and it was enormous.  I had either measured wrong (a definite possibility), I had lost 15 kilos in between measuring and completing the muslin (definitely not possible) or the pattern was a bit hinky (maybe but highly unlikely).  Further reading here and here made me realise I wasn’t the only one.  The back bodice was so big I could have given the Hunchback of Notre Dame a piggy back and still had room back there.

I knew I had to persist as I really wanted a dress block that I could make multiple from.  Muslin number 2 was slightly better.  Wearable but still not great or very flattering.  Third attempt is a good fit I think.  I won’t go into the changes I made to the pattern, so many I’m not even sure you could call it a Peony anymore.  Now that I have my dress block I’m so over it I’m not sure I want to make another one!


I put invisible zips along the front to allow easy access to the milk bar when out and about 🙂  The fabric is a seersucker that I was amazed to find at Spotlight and the trim is from etsy shop KnickKnackNook.


I roped by little boy in this year with some shorts and a shirt that I drafted from one of his existing outfits.  So cute.


The dress definitely needs a belt to cover the not-so-invisible zips but I haven’t had time for that yet.  What do you guys think, a self fabric belt or a contrasting?  I can’t decide.



5 thoughts on “(This has driven me) Mad Men Challenge Dress

  1. You are very accomplished. Personally, I’d go for self fabric. The material is so pretty. Lovely period jewellery on my website to complement your outfit!

  2. FANTASTIC!!!!
    I love this – so practical and useful. Gorgeous colour on you too.
    Having your boy in it is so special too.
    Congratulations on your new makes.

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