Take 2 Tiramisu

Blue Tiramisu

This was my second attempt at Cake’s Tiramisu. The first time I made it, I found it very low in the cleavage (take a look here). Not necessarily the pattern‘s fault, my short chest and prudishness are also to blame. I was hoping that second time around I could pull the two bodice pieces a little further across the bust to solve this problem but alas the stretchier fabric seemed to make it worse this time.

Stretching Bodice

Cake have since released an bodice piece errata for the for the 30-35 bust range after seeing reviews around the web. Isn’t that lovely! Can’t imagine any of the “Big 4” doing this for us- “Oh, your pattern make looks shite and you can’t alter it? Oh too bad, you must have cut the wrong size or just be really bad at sewing (even though we add enough ease into a pattern so it could fit someone 4 sizes bigger than you…)”

Blue Tiramisu

I was thinking after this second attempt that I wouldn’t make this pattern for myself again, but will definitely do take 3 with my new bodice pieces and perhaps go up a size too.

Don’t get me wrong, I wore this dress heaps until I needed to start rugging up a bit more, it’s just a bit annoying / I’m a bit lazy to have to find a crop or singlet to go underneath. And sometimes in the heat you really don’t want that extra layer. Saw an ad for a small rectangle of fabric that you clip to your bra strap to cover low cut areas. Any feedback? Seems like a bit of a hassle to me…

Blue Tira4

Anyway, enough about my cleavage. Do you like the fabric? Sorry it’s a bit sea sick inducing in the large photos!  I love the colour and the stripes but there is more than a hint of polyester in it (definitely not my usual choice but it was 40% off…) it has a great stretch across the grain but virtually no stretch the other way so previously applied arm bands cut on the straight grain needed to be removed as they were a little small and I was tourniqueting my upper arms when I stretched. Not ideal. I cut the arms slightly longer than the pattern as I am a little self conscious about said upper arms and feel a lot more comfortable with them covered. I’m happy with them longer.

Stripe Matching

I have always been a little scared of sewing with small stripes as my Virgo eyes feel an overwhelming need for them to match up perfectly. Not perfect along the shoulder seam but check out the front seam stripe matching. Oh yeah!

I will definitely get loads of wear out of this one over the summer holidays. If you haven’t attempted a cake pattern yet, give them a go! The amount of support / tutorials / love that comes with your pattern is worth so much.

Have a good week everyone!


One thought on “Take 2 Tiramisu

  1. Very cute make! Although I can see how it would be a bit annoying to have to always wear a top underneath. But it’s such a cute dress, I think it’s worth it!

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