I had a little victory

ImageIt’s entirely possible that I love this skirt more than cheese.

My first attempt at Victory Patterns and I’m every so happy.

This one is Madeleine, a full circle skirt with oversized pockets and topstitching detail in contrasting thread and as if that wasn’t cute enough, suspenders for you to hook your thumbs around and go all Charlie Chaplin (sorry no photo of me doing that but be sure it did happen after a few too many wines that night)


 I fell in love with the picture on the pattern site and decided to make one exactly the same. The fabric is a medium weight dark denim (just from Spotlight).  I used yellow topstitching thread, my first experience with this type of thread.  Man did I plough through some of that! I went through 3 of the 30m spools, and that was without any unpicking.  I love the definition that the thicker thread gives, and in any case I knew that regular thread wasn’t going to chew through the denim without a fight.


The lining is 70s brown, orange and pink cotton scrap I had been holding onto for a while.  Not enough to make anything, but I liked it too much to bin it.  I’m so glad it found a nice home.


I will definitely make this one again – maybe a casual one in a lighter fabric and maybe a more dressy one for work in a lightweight wool.

Oh, and the magnificent peacocks I have on my feet are from Mollini and scarf is from Lafayette Collection on to a recent trip to the Paris Soldes. I keep wearing it and trying to imagine I’m back there….


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