Blueberry Tiramisu


Don’t worry I haven’t gone completely bananas. Pavlova and tiramisu was a seriously wonderful mix. Blueberries and Tiramisu would just be wrong.

This is my first (wearable muslin) Tiramisu from Cake Patterns. I am in love with these patterns. Although you pretty much had me at Cake…

I took a couple of classes with Steph (Cake Creator) last year and learnt more about dressmaking in a few hours with her than I have during my other 30 something years. So you can imagine how excited I was when Steph announced her own pattern line.

This was such an easy cut and make and I love it. The pattern is supposed to yield a “no-gape” neckline but I always have problems with that (short distance from shoulder to bust) and unfortunately this one is no different. I quite like the little bit of white at the neckline though. It brightens it up a bit.


I’m also not that excited about the pockets. I completely forgot to under stitch (need to go back and do that…) so they stick out a bit in this fabric. And Lord knows, I don’t need extra bulk around the hips!

Will definitely make this again.

Do you like the fig drawing in the first picture? My mum did it! How clever is she?


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